Frequently Asked Questions

Do I sign a contract?

No. We have no employment or independent contractor contracts. Therefore, you have no restrictive clauses. We only ask that you understand and respect our sales policy manual which contains standard courtesy information that outlines the services and benefits of being a HALO Account Executive.

How do I get paid?

We pay up front on your booked business. Pay is weekly for independent contractors and bi-weekly for employees. These are technically an advance of earned commissions. Commissions are “actually” earned once the client pays.

You have both employees and independent contractors. How does that work?

You can choose what is best for you. Our minimum sales requirement to be an employee is $400,000 in annual sales. Our benefits are great if you need them and qualify.If you are an independent contractor you get a richer bonus plan in lieu of insurance and 401K benefits.

What is the best way to find out more about HALO Branded Solutions?

We want this to be your last move in your promotional products career. We recommend asking the top suppliers “Who is the best large distributor to partner with in the industry?” That is our most unbiased way to suggest checking us out (and we know we almost always come out on top). You are also welcome to speak to people just like you who have joined us over the years.

Can I still use my business name?

Yes. Once again, you own the relationship and the clients. Many of our distributor partners choose to continue using their existing brand name and include “Powered by HALO Branded Solutions.” We can put both business identities on the client acknowledgements and invoices.

What are HALO’s expectations regarding my business sales level?

This is very much a pull, not push, industry. Therefore, we are here to help you get where YOU want to be, but we don’t impose quotas or sales objectives. Rather, we use incentives to reward sales success. We partner with industry experienced account executives that book, at minimum, $250,000 and above in sales annually.

How do your bonus programs work?

We have a three tiered incentive/bonus program. 1) We pay a bonus to independent contractors up to 14% of commission earned on all orders over 37% gross margin. 2) You earn 2.5% to 3% of the supplier rebate from over 70 preferred level 1 suppliers - nobody else does this! 3) You receive a “Marketing Fund” budget based on your previous sales for anything spent to market you and your business.

What happens if I ever do leave?

We doubt that will happen, but if it does, you own the accounts. In fact, it is our policy not to call on any of them if you do leave. We doubt you would get that answer elsewhere. YOU are our customer, not your client.

How does account protection work?

We protect accounts for 18 months. If nothing is purchased during that time, they are open to sell. In larger companies, account protection may be by department or buying entity.

What about training and events?

We have Regional Vice Presidents to assist you in any way you need. In addition, we have two large sales events each year. The first is the PPAI Las Vegas show in January. For those over $350,000 in sales, we pay for everything except the flight. Once there, we have many activities including our phenomenal annual awards banquet. Secondly, we have our National Sales Meeting each summer at a fantastic resort location. We pay for everything including air for this week-long event for Account Executives with a minimum of $350,000 sales volume.

Is there room for advancement?

We are growing like no other distributor in our industry. If you have aspirations for sales management, or other opportunities, we are the place.

What if I find another experienced person who wants to join HALO?

We have a fantastic referral program. You will earn between 12.5% and 25% of the first year commissions from anyone you refer.

Can I visit your operation before deciding?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage prospective partners to take a day to visit our headquarters in Sterling, Illinois. Just two hours west of Chicago, we find that a visit can cement your decision to join HALO Branded Solutions.