Are you a successful promotional products sales professional who is ready for a change? A change that frees you to sell more with additional support? HALO has helped the industry’s top sales performers grow their business while providing a better balance in their personal lives for over six decades. This website will introduce you to the unique experience HALO provides to promotional product sales professionals who choose to affiliate with HALO. Start by watching the video below (or click to read the transcript) to get a taste of why HALO is the best choice for enterprising promotional products salespeople looking for unparalleled support and every opportunity to succeed.

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Marc Simon - We start with Marketing 101: Who is your customer? And for us, the customer is that sales person. First and foremost, you’re going to find that our interest, our financial interest, and every other interest of ours is fully aligned with an individual Account Executive to help them succeed better in their business.

Pam Gray - Someone should choose HALO because of the culture that we do have. It’s a partnership. It’s a family. We can do it all, and everybody takes great pride in doing all of it.

Jamon Heller - HALO’s always investing in new technologies, new tools and new experiences for our sales partners to best represent themselves and HALO to their clients.

Terry McGuire - HALO’s philosophy is that you sell, and we take care of the details. And so, if you want to grow your sales in this business, HALO is the right place for you. We help you broaden you base and broaden you appeal in a very competitive landscape.

Paula Fenn - I can tell you, there is a difference. When I was with the other big company, I wasn’t a customer. I was a sales rep, and I better do what they told me to do, and meet the numbers that they wanted me to meet at the profit margins that they wanted me to meet. And at HALO, I’m their customer. It’s not going to be any better anywhere else. This is the best it is.

Doug Lally - You can build your business to a certain level, but to be able to have all the technology, all of those kind of benefits, the smaller distributor is never going to be able to do that on their own. There comes a time where making that leap over to a company that’s handled all of those other ancillary activities just makes a tremendous amount of sense.

Chris Reese - Compensation was absolutely the best in the industry. HALO was check, check, check, check, check. I can’t even think that there was even one negative.

Lisa Newell - It seems like once people join, they stay. On the outside looking in, it just tells me things must be pretty good.

Mitch Rhodus - The people here are so in-tune to you being the customer, and so in-tune to your customer, that they understand your way of thinking, and we make it happen. That’s why I love the place.

Peggy Peugh - They’re there to cheer you on, and they’re there to help you if you’re in a difficult position. And they go that extra mile for us, just like we do for our customers.

John Helder - It’s just a great culture to work for. It’s a great family to work for. There’s a reason we’re known as the best, and that’s why.

Laurie Amigo - Because we’re a large organization, we get special pricing with our suppliers; we get bonuses; we get special attention. But we’re not large enough where we don’t get the individual attention.

Katie Sweeney - It’s a big company, but it still has that small company feel. It’s just a win-win. I mean it’s just a—it’s a family.

Jim Stutz - Our culture is one of professionalism, one of reliability, dependability and knowing that everybody who works with an account executive understands that our job is to provide value to that client so that they can provide value to their end-customer.