At HALO Branded Solutions, you can rely on industry-leading resources to develop your business. We proudly provide our distributor partners and their clients with innovative solutions, unmatched value and superior service. By partnering with HALO, your company will be able to take advantage of and benefit from HALO’s core strengths.

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Kevin McHargue - This business can be tough on distributors. HALO can not only be a great partnership for you financially, but it can also be a partner for you for life. Your clients remain your clients. Your company name can stay the same. In a very simple agreement, HALO can change your life and change the way you go about operating to finally get cash-flow coming from your operation.

Doug Lally- Having my own distributorship, if there were issues with our order processing, then it all came back to me. Now, we have a full-service team. The background activity, from Accounting to Collections to all that, has been handled very, very well by HALO.

Bob Southard- We were managing everything from the accountants to the customer service team to the warehouse. That’s a lot of individuals you need to make sure you keep going every day, and it takes a lot of your energy. And now we can focus our energy on going out and driving new business.

Paula Fenn- The company that I was with at that time, they got in trouble financially, and they were going bankrupt. And I really felt like I was having a nervous breakdown; I was in a bad place. And HALO made the transition incredibly easy. I mean, they did not miss a beat. I just knew that it was the right thing to do.

Deb Hall- Being small, you don’t have time to do anything but focus on your revenues. It’s more important to get beyond that, and HALO gives you the education, the technology, the research, the groundwork to set themselves apart from any other distributor in the industry.

Dennis Gerlich - They run HALO the way we ran our company, and they make decisions based on what’s right. They take into consideration the sales person, his clients, and then HALO, the company. And I admire that about them, because they’re decisions aren’t always based on money. It’s for what’s best in the long-term.

Laurie Amigo- I knew I made the right decision to join HALO the first year I went to PPAI with a HALO badge. What a huge difference from owning my own distributorship and standing in line behind the HALOs and all the big companies out there. I got attention when I walked in. I didn’t get that with my own small distributorship. I walked in because I was part of a larger organization.

With HALO you can…

  • Outsource "back of the house" activities. We specialize in flawless order management, billing and collections, vendor payments and accounting and overall operational excellence.
  • Take advantage of our award-winning business development tools, including personalized marketing support, online and traditional program development, special pricing from over 500 suppliers and sourcing expertise for the lowest cost product acquisition and profit improvement.
  • Leverage HALO’s top-of-the-line technology resources, including a proprietary order and contact management system and online and offline marketing applications designed to grow your business.
  • Minimize risk with HALO's financial strength. We have the ability to finance orders of any size and make timely vendor payments while you get rewarded for your current and future business.

Distributor-Owner Testimonials:

Doug Stotts

“Since joining HALO, they have done nothing but support our core business and help us grow utilizing their vast network of resources. At the time of the acquisition, we were doing a little over $11 million in sales. Since that time, our Houston office sales have more than doubled to well over $22 million, and we’re growing stronger each year. The greatest benefit to us being part of the HALO family has been the services they offer, such as buying power, sourcing capabilities and program administration. I can tell you for a fact that some of the larger orders and programs we now offer would not have been possible as an independent.”

Doug Stotts

Houston, TX

Ginger Hutter

“I wanted to be a part of something bigger than what I could establish on my own. HALO has allowed me to compete on a larger scale by providing my clients with more value added products and services. More importantly they helped me find a balance and peace of mind between work and family while continuing to increase my sales.”

Ginger Hutter

Baytown, TX

Deborah Hall

“HALO believes their sales people are their customers and every department at HALO treats their sales people like customers. That made a BIG impression on me and truthfully, I can say that this is exactly how I have been treated. HALO has integrity and they keep their promises from day one.”

Deborah Hall

Plano, TX