HALO Branded Solutions offers our sales professionals a generous commission split, the best net pricing in the industry and special pricing arrangements from over 400 Suppliers. Our Account Executives participate in bonus programs, sales contests and supplier rebates.

Our flexible compensation model allows you to partner with us as an employee or as an independent contractor. Regardless of the type of partnership you choose, you will receive the same outstanding sales benefits and support to help you administrate less, sell more and earn more.Contact a member of our Sales Leadership Team now to learn more.

In additon to EQP or better from over 500 Suppliers, HALO offers a program that shares rebates from over 70 top Suppliers with Account Executives. In addition, Account Executives have access to the most competitive everyday pricing in the industry as well as product specials offered exclusively through HALO .

Our goal is to foster the most productive, long-lasting relationship between HALO Account Executives and the industry’s premier suppliers. Contact a member of our Sales Leadership Team to learn more.

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Terry McGuire- We’re leveraging the purchases of over 800 Account Executives, and more importantly, over 40,000 clients that are purchasing promotional products. We get end-quantity pricing or above from over 450 Suppliers, including every major Supplier in the industry.

Marc Simon- I don’t believe there is a single company in the industry that gets better pricing than we do. We share all that pricing, open-book, with our sales force.

Terry McGuire- We also have additional profit-enhancement programs in our Best Sellers program and our Preferred Supplier program. We found the top-selling products. We not only got the lowest price, but the average profit margin on those items is over 40 percent. And then in addition, we negotiated rebates that in some cases, are 20 percent or more. The other program that we have is our Preferred Supplier program. We share the rebates that we get from these Suppliers, so you’re able to get the advantage of additional profitability along with the low price.

Paula Fenn- Their bonus structure is incredible. Nobody has a bonus structure like they have. There’s the vendor bonus; there’s the dollars that you earn for a marketing bonus. I’ve never had a marketing bonus before.

Mitch Rhondus- Between the two programs, on a good year for me, I might make an additional $43,000. Besides the additional profit that’s in my pocket, there’s a host of things out there that they throw our way to encourage us to use them.

Terry McGuireWe’ve scanned the globe for the best possible sources to import products directly. We are able to guarentee the lowest price from the most reliable Suppliers. When you’re able to guarentee your customers complete, comprehensive product safety on everey order that you sell. We ask each of our Suppliers to sign an indemnification agreement that they will defend your client against any product recalls or against any product defects. In addition, we offer all of our clients over $2 million in product liability insurance.

Greg Singleton- HALO does a great job of vetting these vendors. You know that the vendors are going to stick by their product, and it’s going to be a good sales experience.

Terry McGuire - All of our Suppliers have to sign the code of conduct that all international, national and state laws are adhered to, strictly. That’s an extremely important peace of mind that you can provide to your clients.