We understand that this is a relationship business, and you’re the person interacting with the client. At HALO, everything we do is designed to provide you with the support, tools and services to help you develop client relationships, increase sales and build your business.

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Marc Simon - Our job is to be sure that the sales people are properly armed, properly knowledgeable with everything that they need to sell, and they are then the commander in the field, calling the shots with the ultimate end-user customer.

Greg Singleton - They seem to have figured it out. Like, they’re not re-inventing the wheel every Friday afternoon with a phone call that changes our compensation plan or changes how we deal with Suppliers. You can kind of just go sell.

Paula Fenn- I felt safe the minute I came on board, and they just made everything so, so easy. I made more money instantly. My numbers doubled probably that first year, and they have gone nowhere but up.

Deb Hall- They just bend over backwards to accommodate me and to support me. The integrity of the company is just unbelievable.

Scott Berry - They really do what they say they’re going to do. They deliver the best sales meeting in the world. They deliver a fantastic awards banquet at the end of the year. They support you whenever you call; they’re going to call you back quickly. They have a great culture. We work hard, and we play hard.

Lisa Newell - They have this whole family culture, and the Supplier is included in that family, just like your own AE’s are.

Joe Meininger - We could visit at this show, this week and not see each other for a year, and it would seem like we haven’t been apart at all. HALO has that unique blend of operational excellence and the Midwest values. I don’t think there’s any other distributors out there that blend all of that together.

Laurie Amigo - The first time I went to the National Sales Meeting, and I saw the executive team packing up all of our samples from our internal trade show, I took a double-take. And I’m thinking, “Who does that?” That right there, to me, visually just pin-pointed the culture. The Account Executives are the customers for HALO.

Account Executive Testimonials

Chris Reese

“I chose to join HALO because the compensation is the best in the industry and the corporate culture is great. HALO’s technology and financial strength allowed me to grow my business to new levels.”

Chris Reese

Houston, TX

Joe Meininger

“Joining HALO has been extremely beneficial to me financially. However, that is not the sole reason I consider HALO a partner. HALO is an efficient company that runs like a well-oiled machine, while treating me like family. That level of service is very important in keeping my customers happy which keeps me happy; but just as important is the respect with which they treat their employees, account executives and vendors. At HALO, I am the customer.”

Joe Meininger

Kalamazoo, MI

Steve Parker

“HALO’s size, strength and commitment to product safety are values that I sell to my customers every day. My customers can place large international orders, and feel confident that they are getting quality products that will increase their brand image, not detract from it.”

Steve Parker

Chatsworth, CA

Paula Fenn

“When I visited the offices in Sterling, I was immediately at peace. I thought, it can’t get any better than this, but it did! HALO has been like coming home. Everyone is so welcoming and accessible and ready to customize a plan for you.”

Paula Fenn

Broomfield, CO