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Paula Fenn - A HALO Supplier trade show is different than any other trade show because they’re totally concentrating on the type of business that you do. If I tell them that I have a bank and a crude oil company and a cheerleading customer, I can guarantee you, in a week or two, I’m going to get some items either via email or in the mail. I’ve been in the business a long time; I don’t remember that vendors really recognized me or saw me as a value until I came to HALO. When a vendor meets a HALO rep, they know you’re with HALO, and they remember you’re with HALO, because HALO’s very important to our vendors.

Scott Berry - Our trade show is second to none. Period. I had dinner with one of the reps from Gold Bond, and she said it’s by the far the best sales meeting. And she only works with large national accounts, so that just tells you.

Greg Singleton - Our Suppliers will do this for other companies as well, and I’ve heard them say they can’t believe that they’ll travel to a city like Chicago or Tahoe or whatever it is, and a lot of the times, not all of the sales people will attend the show, but I’ve heard they just love this. The training that they do is amazing. And I’ve never had an issue to, you know, place an order with a vendor because of whether it was a credit issue or something like that.

Lisa Newell - They have great backroom support. They’ve done a very good job of negotiating pricing and rebates and things with Suppliers to help make an AE successful.

Laurie Amigo - When I’m in a room of three, four hundred HALO Account Executives, I walk out of that room more excited about my job, with more tools to sell into new markets. I’m developing relationships that will help me.

Joe Meininger - You have the cream of the crop here. All very serious about getting ideas, very serious about learning more about a Supplier company, and they’re going to actually go back with the information that they gather at this show, and they’re going to execute it. They’re going to bring those ideas to their customers. They’re going to sell those products.

PPAI Expo in Las Vegas

HALO enhances the industry's annual, premier trade show with additional training sessions and networking events. Though everyone is welcome to attend this show, HALO covers three nights lodging at Mandalay Bay for Account Executives with annual sales of over $250,000.

In addition to announcing annual sales Achievement Clubs with over 400 members, HALO also recognizes achievement in sales growth and gross margin during our annual awards dinner in Las Vegas during the PPAI Expo each January.

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National Sales Meeting

This event features peer-led training sessions, exclusive supplier training with Preferred Suppliers and a trade show featuring over 120 top Suppliers. Destinations like Chicago, Asheville and San Diego provide a fun and relaxing atmosphere, and Account Executives with over $250,000 in annual sales qualify for free lodging and airfare.

San Diego

Sales Trainer

In addition to PPAI, ASI and other industry education resources, we have a dedicated Sales Trainer on staff to educate our salesforce through resource development, individual coaching and team initiatives. One-to-one sales coaching calls are opportunities to develop sales plans specific to each individual’s needs. Group conference calls are also available and bring several Account Executives together to share experiences and provide motivation and encouragement.

End User Shows

End User Shows are held in key markets across the country. We encourage Account Executives to extend invitations to their clients across the country.

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HALO Shares

HALO Shares is an initiative led by HALO Account Executives, designed to foster organic sales growth. Through this initiative, Account Executives share best practices and their collective knowledge peer-to-peer in an effort to identify areas of personal growth.

HALO Shares