HALO Branded Solutions offers comprehensive fulfillment services and both online and traditional print catalog programs designed to enhance your client's brand. An experienced management team leads merchandising, inventory, customer service and warehouse professionals who are dedicated to providing the highest level of service required for corporate fulfillment programs. We work closely with you and your client to select products, design catalogs, create websites and customize reporting to ensure the success of the client’s branding initiatives.

Fulfillment Program Support Services include:

  • Dynamic RFP/RFQ presentations
  • Personalized customer service
  • Up-to-the-minute inventory control
  • On-demand customized reports
  • Total quality control
  • Worldwide shipping capabilities
  • Creative design services
  • Substantial savings for you and your clients
  • Automatic in-bound call distribution
Corporate Solution

Using a team of experienced developers and designers, HALO designs and builds custom websites that match client brand standards and unique requirements, as shown below. Each program website offers a full suite of e-commerce features and functions, and is supported by experienced network professionals and state-of-the-art hosting infrastructure.

  • Website
  • Website
  • Website

To ensure the success of every program, we continually monitor and evaluate these programs with you and your client to discover positive trends, implement efficiency improvements, and renew the program to meet the ever-changing needs and demands of your clients.

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Jim Stutz - Corporate Solutions at HALO is a team of people that help our Account Executives as they go after business solutions for our larger clients. HALO has the balance sheet that we can go to Fortune 100, Fortune 500 companies who may have one, two or three million dollars in promotional products spent and adequately inventory those items. Often times, new Account Executives will join us and will have a need to provide a company store so that their clients can go to a website, see products that are in inventory, place the order for those products, and get those products as a lower-than-minimum order quantity, a quicker turn-time and have the controls to ensure that that brand has already been approved on that product by the marketing team at the end-client.

Bob Southard - To us, programs are really the way—the key—to solving the customer’s problem. They may need meeting supplies and fulfillment-related materials for meetings, and that, in most cases, would end up being a program for us. So we would build some type of ordering portal, we provide customer service and fulfill the whole project as a program, as opposed to just selling them the commodities that they need for that meeting.

Jim Stutz - The Corporate Solutions team also works with an Account Executive to develop that solution from the beginning of the request by the client. We do about 80 percent of the RFP question and answer work, and then work with the Account Executive to really tailor or fine-tune that RFP to speak to the needs of the end-client.

Chris Reese - HALO has always been very supportive of me and my thoughts in how the program should be developed. There’s never a “No, we can’t do that.” It’s always, “Let’s figure out how we’re going to do that.”

Jim Stutz - HALO is able to offer to our Account Executives email campaigns, direct mail campaigns or other tools that allow them to take that success of winning the program to go out and get the sale after the sale.

Chris Reese - I swear to you, I had one of like the best weeks this year when I was out of town, on vacation. It keeps coming in 24/7, and you’re not quoting every little $100 order.

Jim Stutz - The Corporate Solutions team at HALO is a support mechanism, and it’s a wonderful tool that takes the burden of all of those types of questions, all of the technology, marketing, unique wants and needs of the client, and HALO has a library of all those answers and can meet those needs.