HALO’s e-commerce sales channel, HALO.com, features a diverse, top-quality product assortment from industry-leading Suppliers. HALO.com helps you better respond to the expectations of today’s web-savvy clients by providing you with a platform that allows you to compete with the growing number of online promotional products distributors.

The best part? You’ll continue to earn your full commission from your clients who order on HALO.com

HALO offers each Account Executive a customized homepage so you can present your own brand against the background of an award-winning, full-featured e-commerce website.Browse HALO.com now with the customization tool engaged for an example Account Executive.

HALO’s Marketing Consultants can also help you utilize one of the industry website publishing platforms.

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Jamon Heller - Today’s online shoppers expect an excellent online shopping experience. We’ve designed HALO.com to be able to compete with the largest, online-only distributors. The HALO.com operation is supported by a team of online marketers and online merchants, and we’re doing activities like search engine optimization, content marketing and pay-per-click advertising. So by doing this for our entire brand and for all our sales partners, HALO is allowing our sales partners to go and do what they do best.

Doug Lally - The benefit to us is obviously now we have a presence, so we can compete with those people that are solely online selling distributorships. Some of our customers that are inclined to like to do some of their own research and do some of their own preliminary stuff, they’re coming back to us, and they’ve already got ideas, and they may even have a product. So, it’s shortened the cycle of having to research things for the customer and then in turn, turn around and write the order.

Jamon Heller - HALO.com can be customized with each sales partner’s name, contact information and photo. This extends the sales partner’s brand online and on HALO.com. Account protection remains in effect on HALO.com. When a client buys online or requests a sample, the sales partner who’s responsible for that client is going to get their full commission from that online order.

Scott Berry - The pictures, the graphics, the way they’ve laid HALO.com out, is beautiful. People do take advantage of some of the discounts that HALO.com runs. It’s been phenomenal. I mean, it’s a great tool. And I had my own kind of website, but it was a SAGE tool. I couldn’t say, “Well, go to HALO.com” like I can now.

Jamon Heller - We have over 4,000 products on HALO.com, and almost all of them are from HALO Preferred Suppliers or in our Best Seller program, so they’re almost all bonus-eligible for our sales partners. And this also reduces risk on our sales partners, because they’re all from trusted HALO partners.