Marketing Services and Tools include:

HALO Catalogs are printed with your contact information and mailed to a selection of your customers at no cost to you.

Exclusive Line Calendars lead the industry with dynamic designs at budget-friendly prices. View our line of calendars at

Eblast Services, including multiple stock e-blasts, flash videos, seasonal flyers and direct mail tools, are offered regularly. Our marketing team will send e-blasts on your behalf according to your direction, provide follow-up reports (complete with click-through) and forward information on to you so you can measure the success of each e-blast.

Project Reach,our popular direct mail program, is a turnkey program that requires no effort on your part. Simply provide us with your mailing list, and we'll package and ship to the clients and prospects you most want to reach.

Marketing Activity Planner (M.A.P.) is our most-utilized, completely customizable marketing tool. M.A.P. allows you to plan and budget a year's worth of marketing activities, implemented by your assigned Marketing Consultant.

Marketing Tools

In addition to our stock tools, your professional Marketing Consultant can assist you with custom projects designed to help you reach existing and prospective clients.

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Stephanie Preston - At HALO, our Marketing Department is here to help you grow your business. Last year, all the sales people utilizing the services of our marketing department were, on average, 19 percent ahead in sales. In today’s marketplace, it’s important to have a multi-media approach. Whether that be an email blast, whether that be a customized video, or even social networking, our experienced team of marketing professionals can help you develop the tool that best fits the need.

Doug Lally - The most beneficial piece for us is the email marketing campaigns that we generate through either flyers and things that are done on our end that we instigate, or those things that the Marketing Department will start up and do turnkey for us. So, a lot of stuff can happen in the background without us having to touch it.

Katie Sweeney - I love the Branding Buzz, that’s a monthly one that we do. And then I do the Weekly Super Saver. And so many times, just that’s the reminder, and they will say, “Oh, I need to order this from you,” or “We need to work on this project.” And a lot of times they buy, so it’s fun.

Scott Berry - I’ll be honest, when I first started, I thought I knew how to market myself, and I was very skeptical. I went to corporate, and I sat down with Stephanie and Terry, and I was pretty convinced that wow, I’m missing a lot. And before you know it, I’m working with the Marketing team, and they had an action plan for me that made sense. And I’ve gotten orders off of it. And it’s working.

Stephanie Preston - We have a proven methodology with our Marketing Activity Planner. This is the tool that helps you and your Marketing Consultant map out your marketing activities for a specified period of time. We’re always providing you with tracking reports so you can see and measure the success of each campaign.

Peggy Peugh - It gives you a lot of things to think about. The way you can market yourself with your clients, and once you get that figured out, it just keeps you on-task as you go along through the year. But most importantly, it is the knowledge that the Marketing Consultant has to help me with my business. If I don’t have something in-hand at the right time, you know, she’s right there to say you know, “Let’s go, let’s get it.” And we just keep everything just flowing right along.

Stephanie Preston - If you want to grow your business with creative ideas and a proven methodology, HALO’s marketing will help you accomplish those goals.