HALO’s mission is to add value to every one of our Account Executives’ businesses. Our energetic, industry-leading team of over 300 corporate support staff is committed to providing you with the administrative support necessary to help you grow your business and increase your earnings.

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Dawn Olds - Our whole model is built around for you to go sell something, and then we take care of the order from there. The system is built so that if you forget something, it reminds you that you forgot it. Since we’re integrated with our key Suppliers, you get that real-time information about what’s going on with your order. You don’t have to wait for someone in a corporate office somewhere to contact the Supplier. It will get up in their system. It’s just there, automatically, all the time.

Scott Berry - If you want an easy system to use that just takes it a couple of minutes to put in an order, and you don’t want to have any problems or unnecessary transcribing or repeat of processes, and you want it smooth and easy, the Webstar program with HALO, that we offer, is the best. It simply is.

Pam Gray - The customer service relationship with our AEs is a partnership. What we do is we handle the details for them, get them involved, keep them advised of everything that’s going on with the order. Whatever the client’s request or demand may have been, they can count on us to carry it through and make them look good.

Chris Reese - If HALO supports the sales staff, the sales staff is ultimately taking care of the customer. Then HALO is taking care of the customers. So it’s really a great corporate philosophy that I didn’t see in other promotional products companies.

Paula Fenn - Just the other day, somebody tried to scam me, and I didn’t know it was a scam. And they talked me through it and showed me some tricks. That could have really hurt me financially. So they’re always looking out for my best interest.

Marc Simon - People find that on the combination of the compensation package, the support from top to bottom, the feeling from every person who works in Sterling to our Account Executives that they are the customer and that we appreciate their business is something that permeates the organization.

Deb Hall - They really treat you as family, and they’re by far the best customer service people in the world.

Katie Sweeney - It’s salt of the earth. How can these people be for—I mean it’s just like they really want to help you. We are their client, and you feel that.

Every Account Executive is assigned a highly skilled and professional Customer Service Representative.

Your Sterling support team:

  • Examines incoming orders.
  • Verifies artwork, proof dates and ship dates on every order.
  • Coordinates and tracks shipments as needed to insure on-time delivery for client event and “in-hand” dates.
  • Negotiates discounts and resolves issues with suppliers when orders are not delivered to the client's satisfaction.

In addition to Customer Service representatives, HALO’s salesforce also has access to comprehensive financial support.Our Accounts Payable, Credit and Collections teams help you manage your business’ finances so you can focus on growth. We have the highest rated credit in the industry, giving you greater financial credibility and peace of mind.

HALO supports our sales professionals with a unique approach to importing. This service combines the sourcing expertise of the industry’s top suppliers and agents, HALO’s extensive product safety program, HALO’s financing capabilities and logistic support into one convenient program. Account Executives using this service enjoy reduced errors and increased profit on overseas orders, with less risk for themselves and their clients.